Some main reasons to use tantric therapy

stherapyThere really are so many different advantages to using a sensual therapy such as tantric massage but here we have tried to list the most prominent of all. It is a very old type of massage first conceived in India many years ago

Getting rid of the stress

Juggling too many balls as we all have to do day-to-day in this day and age makes life a lot harder to deal with. Having to make payments on time, sort out things for other family members, working long hours for companies that expect so much, the list goes on and on! Tantra offers a sensible and holistic approach to reducing stress

Education in Sex

Tantric Therapy really does give an overall perspective on sex and helps men and women understand each other’s needs a lot better in the bedroom. It also helps to learn which parts of the body are more sensitive and can produce more pleasure and this really does feed into the whole sexual exploration of tantric sex


This is more the situation for older gentlemen but as guys get older they do generally find it more difficult to gain sexual pleasure and in many cases arousal does become a problem. It is through processes like tantra that guys really learn to get a whole new lease of life in the sexual department

Women and Sex

The whole process of sensual tantric massage also gives women the opportunity to teach guys where they get most pleasure and how to things. This is many cases brings a lot more pleasure for women in their sex lives and in some cases can really keep relationships together!

There really is so much more to tantra and to find out more on how this can help you in your own particular situation, one really does need to get some books or videos to learn a lot more about the process of tantra and how it can help you



Looking at why massage is so popular

breathOne can experience a whole variety of different benefits from massage therapy in general but tantric therapy does seem to offer than bit more than most in terms of an added dimension. It does cover all the basics that one might expect from an massage such as being great to unwind, calm the body and mind but also adds that all important sensual aspect to the whole procedure, along with a whole host of benefits that this in itself can offer.

One of the most talked about aspects of tantra therapy that you will hear that it enables people to achieve relaxation in body, mind and spirit and this is because tantric therapy is as much about the mental aspect as it is the physical aspect when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure from your masseuse.Many therapists will go as far as to say that the whole end game of a tantric session is not to reach orgasm just that this is an inevitable byproduct or bonus of the therapy. As much as this is great for guys experiencing this type of massage it really does highlight how much of a deeper experience the tantric massage is.

It is more about control and learning to explore yourself on the sexual front. People are taught breathing exercises which help to really learn to extend their ability to receive pleasure in the session before climax and this is a tool that is useful not only for the session but also for couples who have issues with really getting the most out of their love life so to speak. Not only can this type of thing come in very handy for learning to prolong sexual pleasure but also in starting to get pleasure again from sexual experiences which for some can decline as they get older.